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21st Century Education, Web 2.0, and Flipping My Classroom-Feedback Wanted!

on May 15, 2012

Big news! I’m applying for a grant to Flip my classroom next year! I’m very excited!

I’ve been reading so much about Flipped Classrooms and cannot wait to try it out! I believe it will help increase student engagement and motivation, allow me to differentiate more effectively, and allow me to go full force with the Common Core!

Here’s the shortlist of what I’ve been reading (mainly from

The Flipped Class Manifesto by Brian E. Bennett, Dan Spencer, Jon Bergmann, Troy Cockrum,
Ramsey Musallam, Aaron Sams, Karl Fisch, Jerry Overmyer,

How the Flipped Classroom is Radically Transforming Learning by Jon Bergmann, Aaron Sams

The Flipped Class: Shedding light on the confusion, critique and hype by Aaron Sams

Are you Ready to Flip? by Dan Spencer, Deb Wolf, and Aaron Sams

“The Flipped Class:  Myths vs. Reality” by Jon Bergmann, Jerry Overmyer and Brett Wilie

“The Flipped Class: What Does a Good One Look Like?” by Brian Bennett, Jason Kern, April Gudenrath and Philip McIntosh

Private School Math Teacher Flips Learning by Stacey Roshan

The Flipped Class:  Show Me the Data! by Stacey Roshan

Teachers “Doing the Flip” to Help Students Become Learners

This infographic from is AWESOME!!

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Now I’m trying to figure out just what technology to include in the grant. I know that I want the following:

  • Document Camera
  • Digital Video Camera
  • Photoshop Elements and Premier Software
  • Glogster and Storybird subscriptions for my students
  • Headsets with microphones
  • SnapScan Mobile Scanner
  • Webcam (that will move with me/the students)

I’d love to hear your feedback on both technology & your experiences!

2 responses to “21st Century Education, Web 2.0, and Flipping My Classroom-Feedback Wanted!

  1. I’m flipping 10th grade English right now (I’m pretty sure we’ve talked on twitter – I’m @guster4lovers) and your list is pretty different from what I use (not that it’s bad/wrong). I just thought I’d tell you what I use:

    An iPad. For everything! With the following apps: edmodo, showme, socrative, live binders, twitter, the standard camera, voice recorder, and keynote

    My own iPhone 4 with all of the same stuff.

    SMARTRecorder (I don’t use this often, but I’d much rather have Camtasia if someone else was paying!) with a USB microphone. I’d probably use a webcam if I didn’t have one in my iPad.

    That’s it. I love having my iPad and iPhone as the primary platforms for video because it requires no additional transfer and is always with me. Plus no file format changing!

    If I were getting grant money, I would get some iPads or iPod touches for students who don’t have their own devices.

    I know it’s an Apple heavy list, but it works really well for me.

    • Great list, thanks! I do have my own iPad, but haven’t brought it into the classroom yet. I will probably consider it next year. I use my iPhone in class often because it is always with me.
      If my grant gets approved, I will have all of the basics to flip next year. I’m hopeful that I will be able to keep adding to our tools once we see the impact of the flip.
      I’d love to hear more about how you flipped your classroom!
      =) Mandee

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