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Awesome Flipped Classroom Infographic from @Knewton!

Love this Flipped Classroom Infographic The site has some interesting comments and conversations going on, too!

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media


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Engaging Students-10 tips that we use & love from @Edutopia

Several friends posted a great list from Edutopia on Facebook this weekend. I also kept seeing it pop up in web searches. So, I had to check it out!

Ten Tips for Engaging Underperforming Students

The list is great & I think everyone should read it!

So many of us do these things without even thinking about them. We use activating strategies, use higher order thinking skills and questioning, we write EQ’s on the board (either from habit or as part of administrative directive), we get our students up and moving, we center our rigorous lessons around the students to make sure they have buy-in to the lesson. We do these awesome things and more every day and that makes me happy.

The list is especially awesome to be because it focuses on students at Cochrane Collegiate Academy, in Charlotte, North Carolina who have made a huge turn around. They call these tips IL (Interactive Learning) and they go into every lesson, every day. While I am never a fan of mandates that say tell teachers things that they must do daily in their classrooms, I can’t argue with the fact that these are 10 things that should be happening in every classroom on a daily basis. They shouldn’t just happen in classrooms that need to improve, either. These are 10 simple (and pretty much free) ways to get students to participate, fully engage, and take learning seriously! Who wouldn’t want that?!

As always, I’d love to hear your ideas!

What do you think about the 10 IL tips?

Do you use them?

Do you have others to add to the list?

Have an awesome week!   ~Mandee

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More great info on Common Core-this time from ASCD

Here’s a great list from ASCD Inservice on Common Core Resources:

I especially like the state resources. I love looking at what is already out there!

Let me know what you think of these and other Common Core resources you’ve found!


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Great outlook on the Common Core

There are no miracles, but there are teachers: An educator’s view on the Common Core

This is a great read on the Common Core from Darren Burris on The Hechinger

Darren Burris

Here’s my favorite part:

So the report should not be taken as evidence that standards are useless, or that the Common Core State Standards are a step in the wrong direction. In fact, I find its message ultimately empowering for teachers if we write ourselves into it—empowering if:

1. We marshal the experiences and lessons learned from the classroom and bring them to bear on the national conversation about education reform.

2. We see this as an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and the sharing of best practices.

3. We turn the conversation toward enabling and supporting quality teaching in our schools.

4. We connect the K-12 conversation to the demands of college and the workforce.

Read it and let me know what you think!

Have a a great week!


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Confessions of a Bad Teacher…a MUST READ!

Angry me after reading this article!

Please stop what you are doing and read this. Really! Right now!

It made me angry. It made me sad. And then I just sat there with that “what the what?!” look on my face. So I read it again!  I don’t get mad often-I’m actually a look on the bright side 99% of the time kind of person, but this makes me ANGRY!

This really has to stop! I wish I knew the answers to things like this. I know that moving schools saved me, but that isn’t (and shouldn’t) be the fix. Thankfully, I am now in a school where I am expected to teach all day long–really, that’s my job and what is expected of me. I call it teaching nirvana! My administration knows what our kids need and they love our kids. This should be the case at every school, for every teacher, and for every student! Ugh!

At a time when teachers are constantly under the microscope and under the gun, I think we need to make the shift to looking at the absurd things we are often forced to do by administrators that (all too often) left teaching because they weren’t good at it.

Teachers: You are doing an amazing job. If you really aren’t happy, get out. Administrators, so many of you are awesome. Help those that aren’t!

As always, your thoughts, experiences, and feedback are welcome!

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A Flipped Classroom in Action!

I am so intrigued by the idea of the Flipped Classroom!

Here’s an awesome article & link about how one school is making it happen!

Here’s a link to a cool Flipped Classroom how-to guide from TechSmith:

What do you think about the Flipped Classroom? Something you’d try?

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