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The Question Formulation Technique @SCILearn

on January 30, 2012

Today I read a great post on getting students to ask better questions from The Science of Learning Blog called The Question Formulation Technique: 6 Steps to Help Students Ask Better Questions.

I read the Harvard Education Letter article, Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions, in the fall and it really made sense to me! The Question Formulation technique is awesome!

This post pulls the best of the Harvard article and Habits of Mind together into a  concise 6 step method.

Try it out & let me know what you think!

3 responses to “The Question Formulation Technique @SCILearn

  1. I have just finished reading the book” Make Just One Change – Teach Children to Ask Their Own Questions”. I loved the book, the idea and the QFT. I am wondering though if anyone has any more research on it’s use in elementary classrooms???

  2. Lavada says:

    Although much time has passed, I still wanted to respond. I’m currently the Deputy Director with the Right Question Institute — we are actually in the process of collecting examples from the field of how the Question Formulation Technique is used in the classroom. You can join the network ( where we will be posting examples soon.

  3. mltboston says:

    Soon the Right Question Institute will feature guest educator bloggers who will write about using the QFT in elementary school classes — starts Tuesday on their website

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